How did we do? 2017 Prison Break Run Survey Results

April 21, 2017

Thank you for your comments!  10% of runners responded and provide us with the following results below(see runners comments at the very bottom of page).
















Here's just a few things we will be adding in 2018!

  • Add Trophies for 2nd and 3rd Place Age Groups

  • Add 3rd Water Station on 10K, Second Water Station on 5K. 

  • Add Height and Length of Hills on website :) 

  • Add more Healthy Food Options

  • Run Kids Race First?

  • Put more markers on course

  • Add Large Sign Posting Event Schedule on Quad and at Registration

  • More Fun along the course!


A few comments from the runners!


The Good!


Was delighted to see how course changed from 2 years ago. I liked the mixed trail of street and trail. I remember it was more trail before but this year's course was very good. Don't change a thing!! It was perfect!!!!


Love the course this year....very fun run.


I really, really, really had a great experience! This was my first organized race and I want to be a part of the experience next year. The effort, hard work and logistical support, i.e., rest room facilities were done very well. Thank you for an incredible first time organized running experience. 


Lots of fun while also a challenging run. Beautiful course. Great family/fun vibe . Would recommend to others and would do again.


I think this was the best event yet! I'm stoked to shoot for the 10k next year if for nothing else than to get have the opportunity to run some the trail portion . :)


This was my favorite 5k so far! Great job and very fun! Appreciate the free photos and how fast the results came out. See you next year! :)


The BAD!


I understand the need for a staggered start, but felt that the 25 minutes between the 10k and 5k start times was a little long. I also know that there may have been factors that I was unaware of that required such a long delay before the 5k started, but I didn't feel it was communicated to the runners that the staggered start times would be so spread out.


Awards should be 5yr age brackets and 2 or 3 deep. So limited, may good for 100 but 500. Come On! When you have first place winners winning by mere seconds.... ....Get the point, spread the wealth. You have a 1000 prisoners, show a little less greed.The more brackets the more runners.


1) The course has some sections that were too steep and just too nasty to want to do this race again. 2) The xc trails were too narrow (couldn't pass and had to watch one's footing)











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